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To the Minister of Justice, the Honorable Jean Chretien

The proposed Charter of Rights must guarantee the right to life of the unborn child. This is a matter of urgent and compelling concern. We therefore urge appropriate amendments particularly to Clauses 7 and 15. This is not a political or sectarian question. The very future of our nation as a civilized society is in doubt if a Charter of Rights ignores the mass killing of innocent children, which is the scandal of our age. Any failure to deal with this issue will make the entire Charter unacceptable to large numbers of citizens here in Western Canada and across the nation.

This telegram was signed by many people from Western Canada, including the following bishops, priests, religious and members of the Knights of Columbus and the Catholic Women's League.


Most Rev. Maxim Hermanuik, CSsR, D.D., Metropolitan for Ukrainian Catholics of Canada - Winnipeg;

Most Rev. George B. Flahiff, Cardinal-Archbishop of Winnipeg;

Most Rev. C. Halpin, Archbishop of Regina;

Most Rev. A. Roborecki - Eparchy of Ukrainian Catholics - Saskatoon;

Most Rev. J.P. Mahoney - Bishop of Saskatoon;

Most Rev. N. Delaquis - Bishop of Gravelbourg;

Most Rev. Paul O'Byrne - Bishop of Calgary;

Most Rev. Demetrius Greshuk, D.D., Auxiliary Bishop, Ukrainian Eparchy of Edmonton;

Most Rev. Neil N. Savaryn, OSBM, DD - Bishop of Ukrainian Eparchy of Edmonton;

Most Rev. Raymond Roy - Bishop of St. Paul, Alberta;

Most Rev. A. Exner, OMI - Bishop of Kamloops;

Most Rev. Fergus O'Grady - Bishop - Prince George, B.C.;

Most Rev. Hubert O'Connor, OMI, Bishop of Whitehorse, Yukon.


Rev. Henri Peron, Vicar-General of Archdiocese of St. Boniface, Manitoba;

Rev. Jean-Paul Aubre - Prov. Superior, Oblate Fathers - Winnipeg;

Rev. Oliver Valcourt - Winnipeg;

Msgr, St. Pierre, Prince Albert, Sask.;

Rev. G. Morand, Vicar General of the diocese of Saskatoon;

Rev. G. Keindel, CSsR - Superior, Redemptorist Fathers - Saskatoon;

Rev. R. O'Halloran, CSB, Superior, Basilian Fathers - Saskatoon;

Rev. S. Lewans, OMI, Prov. Sup., Oblate Fathers - Saskatoon;

Rev. L. Kennedy, CSB - President of St. Thomas More College - Saskatoon;

Very Rev. J. Weber, OSB - Abbot, Muenster;

Rev. Steve Molnar - Calgary;

Rev. J.E. Lefort - Dean, North Calgary;

Rev. J.J. O'Brien - Dean, South Calgary;

Rev. Leonard Gartner - Camrose, Alberta;

Rev. Alphonse de Valk, CSB, Principal of St. Joseph's College - Edmonton;

Rev. Stephen Chmilar, OSBM - St. Basil's Ukrainian Parish - Edmonton;

Rev. Albert Sterzer, CSsR - Prov. Superior, Redemptorist Fathers - Edmonton;

Rev. William White - Lloydminster, Sask;

Rev. Jacques Joly, OMI - Pastor, St. Albert Parish - St. Albert, Alberta;

Msgr. John Tunner - Courtenay, B.C.;

Rev. Thomas O'Neil - Kamloops, B.C.;

Rev. Gerald Viollo - Kamloops;

Msgr. Ian Cooper - Pastor - Kelowna, B.C.;

Rev. Basil Galarnyk - Ukrainian Catholic Priest - Prince George, B.C.


Sister Marie Bonin, Prov. Superior, Grey Nuns - Winnipeg;

Sister G. Phille - Catholic Centre - Prince Albert, Alberta;

Sister G. Lucas - Superior, Sisters of Zion - Saskatoon;

Sister A. Leboldus - Sisters of Loretto - Saskatoon;

Sister M. Stengler - Sup. General, Prelate Ursulines - Saskatoon;

Sister E. Hanus - Sup. General, Sisters of St. Elizabeth - Saskatoon;

Sister D. Gionet - Superior, Grey Nuns - Saskatoon;

Sister Marion - Coordinator, Elmwood Homes - Saskatoon;

Sister Josepha, SSMI - Superior, Sister Servants of Mary Immaculate - Edmonton;

Sister Germaine Hetu, SGM - Prov. Superior, Grey Nuns - Edmonton;

Sister Mary Fitzmaurice, SOS - Superior, Sisters of Service - Edmonton;

Sister Jeannine Fraser, FJ - Superior, Daughters of Jesus - Edmonton;

Sister Marie Raiwel, NDC - Prov. Superior, Our Lady of the Cross Sisters - Edmonton;

Sister Mary Benilda, SP - Superior, Sisters of Charity, Evron - Edmonton;

Sister Marilyn Matz, FCJ - Provincial, Faithful Companions - Edmonton;

Sister Annata Brockman, SCH - Coordinator, Sisters of Charity, Halifax - Edmonton;

Sister Aileen Roulston, SCIC - Superior, Sisters of Charity, St. John's, N.B. - Edmonton;

Sister Divine Heart Pilon, OLC - Superior, Sisters of Our Lady of Charity - Edmonton;

Sister Shirley Tapp, CSJ - Superior, Sisters of St. Joseph (Peterborough) - Edmonton;

Sister Elsie Herle, UJ - Regional Superior, Ursulines of Jesus - Edmonton;

Sister M. Mayer - Sup. General, Bruno Ursulines - Edmonton, Alta.;

Sister Helen Edwards, OSU - Coordinator, Ursulines of Chatham - Edmonton;

Sister Irene Leblanc, CSC - Provincial, Sisters of Holy Cross - Edmonton;

Sister Kateri Chesquiere, CSJ - Superior, Sisters of St. Joseph (London) - Edmonton;

Sister Aline Thibault, SASV - Prov. Superior, Sisters of the Assumption - Edmonton;

Sister Nancy Brown, University of Alberta - Edmonton.

Knights of Columbus

Mr. Stanley Chrobak - State Deputy, K. of C. - Winnipeg;

Al Mageau - District Deputy, K. of C. - Edmonton;

Gus Hoffart - Family Life Chairman, Provincial Knights of Columbus - St Albert, Alberta.

Catholic Women's League

Bernadette Russell - Prov. Pres. CWL - Winnipeg;

Irene Molloy - National Family Life Convener, CWL - Saskatoon;

Rita McGregor, R.N. - President, CWL - St. Albert, Alberta.

Source - The Catholic Register, March 28, 1981