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Jesus Is Truly Risen

Easter time, 1981

Dear Friends of Our Lady,

A blessed and joyful Easter to you all. This is a special time of year when we reflect on the infinite love and mercy that God the Father has for us. “For God so loved the world that He gave His only-begotten Son, that those who believe in Him may not perish, but may have life everlasting,” (John 3:16). It is a time for us also to reflect upon the infinite love that Jesus, the Son of God, showed towards us by giving up His life for us. Each one of us can also say with St. Paul, “He loved me and gave Himself up for me,” (Galatians 2:20).

To understand more fully how much God loves us, we must prayerfully reflect on these great truths. God the Son, the second Person of the Blessed Trinity, Who is the One True God, while fully and entirely remaining God, freely chose to be made man, to take on a human body and soul, for us, His sinful creatures. He furthermore freely chose to expiate for our sins by suffering and dying on the Cross. “He was offered up because it was His own will,” (Isaias 53:7). He desired to do this for each of us, in order to show His love for us and to make reparation to His Heavenly Father for the sins of all mankind. He loved us so much that He was willing, for our sake, to suffer, in His humanity, more than any other human would ever suffer. Although perfectly innocent, He willingly suffered the punishment for our sins because He loves us so much. We see in the Crucifixion not only the love of God, but we see also how very evil sin is, which crucified our most loving God and Savior.

Let us recall also that Jesus on the Cross gave us His Mother Mary to be our Mother, and that She too suffered so much in order for us to be reborn into the supernatural life of Sanctifying Grace.

May we at this time show Jesus and Mary our gratitude and love by resolving to meditate at least 15 minutes a day, while praying the Rosary, on what They did and suffered for us. May we resolve to pray, work and offer sacrifices for the conversion of sinners.

Jesus loved sinners so much that He died for them but sometimes sinners deceive themselves into thinking that “since Jesus loves me so much then He won’t let me go to hell.” Jesus loves sinners but He also hates sin because it is an enormous offense against His Father and therefore sin is detestable in itself. Jesus died in order that sinners would accept the grace to convert, but it would be impossible for a sinner who dies unrepentant to be saved. Our Lady at Fatima tells us that many souls go to hell because they have no one to pray for them. We need to pray for sinners so that they will be touched by the grace of God and convert. Let us work and pray then for the conversion of sinners so that the Blood Jesus spilled on the Cross for them will not have been shed in vain.

Let us recall that for a Catholic to effectively repent of his mortal sins, he must not only with supernatural motives be truly sorry for his sins and resolve not to commit them again, but he must also confess his sins individually to a priest, and receive absolution.

Let us then show our love and gratitude to Jesus and Mary by renewing our efforts to help our brothers to save their souls. One important means to do this is to preserve ourselves and our neighbors from errors that lead souls to hell. Our Lady of Fatima said that militant atheists would spread their errors throughout the world if enough people did not heed Her requests. The first defense against these errors is renewed devotion to Our Lady, as Cardinal Newman points out in “Mary Is the Turris Davidica, the Tower of David”, and as St. Louis de Montfort says in “The Power of the Rosary” in this issue.

In our society here in North America, there are many errors that the world, the flesh and the devil have put out in order to entice us away from the path of true justice and holiness. Already in Canada and the United States, the errors of the enemies of God have deceived many people. To help you to better know the truth of Christ and to recognize, in today's society, error and evil which we must not let ourselves be deceived by, we present this expanded issue of The Fatima Crusader. Our Lord said we must watch and pray, and today this means to know the teachings of Christ and His Church and be alert against current errors so that we don’t accept them. We should pray for the strength and courage to stand up for what is right. Prayer and devotion to Our Lord and Our Lady will help us to be spiritually armed.

To help you to recognize evil and error which is even now in our midst disguised as good, we present the article on Freemasonry “Catholic Masons Are Excommunicated”. To help our readers to be better informed on the teachings of the Church regarding issues of major significance in today’s society, we present the teaching of the Church on Marriage, “John Paul II Says that the Church Will Never Change Her Teaching on Marriage”. We present several articles on our duty to God regarding the right to life especially at this time in Canada. See the following articles “Our Lady of Fatima and the Right to Life”, “Catholic Teaching Regarding Abortion”, “The Government Must Safeguard the Human Rights of Everyone” and “Answers to Some Questions” in this issue.

Also, in this issue there is also continued the very popular article Jesus, Our Eucharistic Love from Father Stefano Manelli’s book, “Jesus, Our Eucharistic Love”, which helps us all grow in love towards Our Divine Savior in the Blessed Sacrament. To help our readers to know how to find the light, strength and grace to do their daily duty, we present the Letter of Sister Lucia “A Letter from Sister Lucia to a Priest”. The article The Fatima Message and Dominicae Cenae, helps us see the importance of reverence towards God in the Holy Eucharist, and further, we have an article, The Regulations of the Vatican Concerning Communion in the Hand. The continuation of The Fatima Story appears in “The Story of Fatima”. There is also some good news about the Fatima Apostolate in Canada to report - “Meeting of Canadian Blue Army Leaders” and “National Pilgrim Virgin of Canada Elects New Directors”.

Thank you all for your wonderful support. Your generosity and your prayers are most appreciated. We could not continue this work of Our Lady without Her help and without your help.

I remember you at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass where Jesus continues to offer Himself to His Eternal Father on our behalf. I will remember you in a special way in this Holy Season in a novena of Masses. Please remember to pray for our Apostolate especially at this time.

God bless you and Our Lady
keep you close to Her Divine Son.

Father Nicholas Gruner, S.T.L.