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FATIMA: The Only Way To World Peace

"God wills to establish in the world devotion to My Immaculate Heart. If My requests are granted, many souls will be saved and there will be peace."


  • Photos: The Miracle of the Sun

  • SUPPOSE ... for a moment

    Would you not agree
  • As the Church Goes, So Goes the World
  • Fatima is Authentic and Imposes an Obligation
  • Fatima — a World Event
  • Why a Consecration of Russia?
  • A Strong Parallel
  • Opposition to the Fatima Request
  • What does the Bible say about PEACE?
    God’s Endorsement of the Fatima Message
  • God Does Not Waste Miracles
  • The Great Secret
  • The First Part of the Secret
  • The Second Part of the Secret
  • An Urgent Request to Pray the Rosary
  • The Five First Saturdays Devotion
  • The Third Secret
  • The Miraculous Confirmation
  • The Miracle of the Sun
  • Eyewitness Reports
  • Beyond Doubt

    Heaven’s Peace Plan in Simple Terms
  • The Vision of Tuy
  • A Foretaste of What the World Would Enjoy
  • A Threefold Miracle
  • Catholic Renaissance
  • Political and Social Reform
  • Miracle of Peace
  • Photo: The Vision of the Most Holy Trinity and Our Lady of
    Fatima to Sister Lucy (Tuy, Spain – June 13, 1929)

    A Promise Unfulfilled
  • A Simple Requirement: The Consecration of Russia
  • Why Has Russia Not Been Consecrated?
  • Does Not a Consecration of the World Suffice?
  • Has Sister Lucy “Changed” Her Testimony?
  • Russia’s Manifest Failure to Undergo Conversion
  • No Religious Conversion in Russia
  • No “Moral Conversion” in Russia
  • No “Political Conversion” in Russia
  • Reviving the Soviet era and “rehabilitating” Stalin
  • No “Martial Conversion” in Russia
  • Conclusion: No “Conversion” of Any Kind in Russia
  • Photo: A Holy Sign in the Sky
  • Photo: L'Osservatore Romano Reports: Our Lady is
    "Still Awaiting" the Consecration of Russia

    World Peace NOW!
  • Why this Consecration?
  • Why Our Lady?
  • Why this Consecration Must be Public and Solemn
  • To Establish in the World Devotion to the Immaculate Heart
  • So that Many Souls Will be Saved

    A Decisive Moment in World History

    What Can You Do?
  • What Can Catholics Do?
  • It is Never Too Late
  • "Only the Lady of the Rosary Can Help”

    What Can All Men of Good Will Do?
  • What is There to Lose?

    Be a Messenger of Truth & Hope!

    Who Are We?
  • The Fatima Center
  • The Fatima Crusader
  • Heaven’s Peace Plan
  • TV Series and TV Documentaries
  • Books and Publications
  • Bishops and Priests World Peace Conferences
  • Growing Support
  • Outreach
  • 40 Web Sites
  • Further Expansion
  • The Immaculate Heart of Mary Orphanage
  • Volunteers
  • Message of Fatima

    The Obligation and Right of the Faithful to Petition the Pope

  • Photo: Heaven's Key to Peace

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